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For ItalianRSA, the priority is to support and protect career researchers in Higher Education, and to ensure that their working conditions, and career prospects remain safe and secure. Special attention is given to advocacy activities against precarity and discrimination, proposing ideas and models to obtain financial stability.

  • ItalianRSA provides Italian postdocs with information, tools, and services to improve their labour condition and career perspective.
  • ItalianRSA connects Italian researchers with numerous RSA worldwide, favouring networking and exchange of good practices.
  • ItalianRSA represents postdocs at the institutional level on issues related to research policies.
  • ItalianRSA collects data from its members for use in proposing reforms of early-stage career advancement in research.
  • ItalianRSA offers a platform for meeting opportunities among researchers, facilitates communication among Italian postdocs, supports activities of the members in Italy and abroad.