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Silvia Camisasca

Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer

Silvia Camisasca is a Physicist and Journalist. She has a Master in Archaeometry at the Louvre Museum in Paris, where she studied physics techniques of preservation and restoration applied to Cultural Heritage and Environmental Goods. She has redacted the Annual Directory of the Ministry of Land and Environment, pointing out the need of remediation of some sites (among them Taranto, Crotone, and Porto Marghera), especially in relation with the impact on the health of the population. In 2010 she received from the Italy President an award for the collection of scientific stories for children, namely “The planet of Periodic Table”. In May 2021 the EU Commission awarded Silvia Camisasca for her journalistic engagement in the section Environment, Sustainability, and Human Rights. She plays the role of teacher of Italian language to unaccompanied migrant children.


I decided to apply to the ItalianRSA Board in order to assure that all the researchers from its Universities/Research Centres, and Associations are fully represented in the ItalianRSA. To this end, I will liase with ItalianRSA members in particular to deal with them with all matters pertaining Equity, Diversity and Inclusion issues, and will provide input in order to influence the policy making of the ItalianRSA association regarding the Equal Opportunities. Further, I will ensure that a genuine spirit of diversity and equality of opportunity is present throughout the ItalianRSA and will support and represent those researchers who face discrimination. Further, it is my intention to ensure that the ItalianRSA is accessible to all research staff and maintain communications with under-represented or disadvantaged groups and will draw attention to instances of discriminatory behaviour within the ItalianRSA.

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