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Massimiliano Ruzzeddu


Massimiliano Ruzzeddu is tenured researcher in sociology at University Niccolò Cusano in Rome. His research interests span from social theory and epistemology to innovation studies and globalization studies. Namely, he has studied the use of Complexity Theories in the sociological scholarship, the cultural aspects of innovation and the changes of identity in the Globalization process.

Among his more recent works:
Women and Science: Models of Participation. In: (ed): Paola Paoloni, Rosa Lombardi, Advances in Gender and Cultural Research in Business and Economics. SPRINGER PROCEEDINGS IN BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS, Cham, Switzerland:Springer nature (2019).
‘The Complexity of Identity Building’ and ‘Hypothesis for a Sociology of Ignorance in the XXI century’; in: (eds.): Subrt J., A. Kumsa and Ruzzeddu M. , Explaining Social Processes. Springer (2020).
Ascribed identities in the global era: a complex approach. CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL SCIENCE, ( 2021).

He has carried out important teaching activities, both academic and training-oriented; the audiences of his classes have been diverse in terms of age and cultural backgrounds.

He is co-editor in chief of the World Complexity Science Academy Journal.

He is part of the managing board of WCSA (World Complexity Science Academy) and of (CREIS Centre of European Research in Sustainable Innovation)


As a member of ItalianRSA, Massimiliano Ruzzeddu will focus on the importance of overcoming the borders among scientific communities. Namely, in the next future the scientific research will be focusing on green transition and sustainability: this implies matching the knowledge from physics, biology, engineering, and cultural and economic data; this will permit to yield innovation policies which effectively spread new technology the most diverse social and economic contexts.

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