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Gianna Avellis


Gianna Avellis is a leader researcher in ICT, Consulting and Technical Assistance, Innovapuglia SPA, Valenzano, Bari, Italy. She has been involved as project manager in a number of European projects in Software Engineering, Multimedia Educational Software, and Mobile Telecommunications. Currently, she plays the role of evaluator and monitor of research projects of SMEs with Universities and research centres for Apulia region funded by EU ERDF. She served the EU Commission as independent expert evaluator of European project in Software&Services and IT. Her current research interests are in mobile software engineering, gender equality and Responsible Research and Innovation. Degree in Computer Science, 30 years in industrial research and 2 years in academic research at Imperial College, Department of Distributed Software Engineering, London, UK, funded by a Marie Curie fellowship. About 80 papers in conferences and peer review journals in Combinatorics, Software Engineering, Multimedia Systems, and Mobile e-learning. She acts as reviewer of international journals in Mobile Telecommunications such as iJET Int. Journal of Engineering Technology, iJIM Int. Journal of Interactive Mobile Technology, iJTE Int. Journal of Information Technology Education. She volunteers in several researchers’ association, currently acting as Vice-Chair of ICoRSA, Chair of Task Force 5 on EU Projects of GEDI (Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion) WG di MCAA WG www.mariecuriealumni.eu , Advisory Board member of GETA (Gender and Talent) Observatory. She acted as Past President of ITWIIN www.itwiin.org, and currently coordinates the ITWIIN Centre-Southern Italy areas, and is member of CREIS (Centre of European Research in Sustainable Innovation) www.creiseuropeanresearch.it and Donne & Scienza www.donnescienza.it . She is Women20 Italy Delegate, an engagement group of G20, www.w20italia.it .


As Chair of ItalianRSA, Gianna Avellis understands the importance of establishing and nurturing a strong affiliations and collaborations within ItalianRSA and she is focused on strengthen both the support offered to Italian Researchers by ItalianRSA and its advocacy work. Her plan for 2022 includes reaching out Italian researchers’ community and disseminating the results of the ICoRSA survey as well as the CAPS survey on postdoc challenges and career trajectories. She will manage to carefully utilize the funds and resources available as well as increasing the revenue for our association. Avellis aims to increase funding by collaborating with public and private sectors.

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