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Angela Bellia

Board Member

My work concerns a particular area of social sciences and humanities, and involves the field of cultural heritage communication through new technologies. For my research work, I won the ITWIIN 2016 prize in the category “Exceptional Creative Woman”. I also received the EUWIIN Special Recognition Award 2017 for Ingenious & Innovative Achievements and the MCAA Outstanding Contributor Award 2020.
I am constantly engaged in reinforcing the network of the community of MCAA fellows. I organised the event “Celebrating Marie Curie’s Birthday”, that took place in Rome on 10th November 2017. This event was organised by the MCAA and the Ministry of Research in collaboration with the EU Commission and the Research Executive Agency, and involved the Italy Chapter.
As the Chair of the Events & Networking WG of MCAA, I was actively involved in Europe-wide public events such as the “European Researcher’s Night” in Brussels. I am constantly engaged in promoting activities and meetings at the Italian Ministry of Research that develop the researchers’ careers. One of my most important achievements concerns the impact of the on researchers’ careers and the recently adopted policy for the recruitment of researchers at Italian universities and research institutions.


I decided to apply to be the future ItalianRSA Board because I have worked hard to promote researchers to ensure them a more secure career in universities and research institutions, first as the Chair of the Northern Italy Chapter and later as the Chair of the Events & Networking WG of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA). Furthermore, I worked to facilitate collaboration with Working Groups, Research Area Groups, and towards the creation of new Chapters of MCAA. This experience and background will be useful to a new role in the ItalianRSA Board. I strongly believe that if this association grows, the researchers will have more possibilities to develop their careers as well as make an important contribution to the wider development of European society. I also believe that this association could act as a “bridge” between researchers and research institutions.

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