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15 years of ICoRSA

The mandate of ItalianRSA is to improve the lives, training, and work experience of all Italian researchers.

The vision that guides this mandate is one of a strong community in which all Italian researchers are provided fair and reasonable compensation, benefits, rights, privileges, and protections, as well as a supportive social network and effective support, training, and career development opportunities.

ItalianRSA is member of ICoRSA.

ItalianRSA shall work to achieve its mandate and vision by:

  • Collecting data from Italian researchers, members of ItalianRSA, and external agencies for use in advocating for evidence-based reform in research policy at the national, provincial, and institutional levels in Italy.
  • Providing Italian researchers with information, resources, and support services to improve their wellbeing, training, labour conditions, and career development
Gianna Avellis
ItalianRSA Founder

A large community of researchers

Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Responsible Research and Innovation

Policies on Researchers’ Career Progression

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The Italian Research Staff Association (ItalianRSA) is focused primarily on representing and promoting the interests of researchers in all research roles and career stages within Italian universities, research centres, industries, and associations. Additionally, ItalianRSA is a full member of another international consortium of RSA, that is  ICoRSA. Our common mission is to provide a voice for research staff on all matters to do with the welfare of our research staff. Our Board is working with universities and research associations management to improve career development prospects and working conditions for researchers. We also aim to disseminate relevant information to researchers that is pertinent to them and actively represent researchers by inputting on policies pertaining to researchers’ working lives at local, regional, national and international level. Our aim is to ensure YOUR voice is heard at the decision-making tables.

Your free membership is important to us! The more we are, the stronger our voice!

Why join?

ItalianRSA promotes the interests of researchers in all research roles and career stages. The membership offers you relevant information on a regular basis. Becoming a member of ItalianRSA, you will be represented at local/regional level.

Sign up to our mailing list today by sending an e-mail to: giusepperesta.arc@gmail.com with your name, staff number and department.

It is open to all Italian universities, industries, research centres, associations research staff and those who support the aims of our association. The ItalianRSA is dependent on research staff raising issues they want addressed or suggesting initiatives to improve research career development or job satisfaction for researchers and encourages participation from all researchers at Italian level. Another benefit of being part of ItalianRSA is that you automatically have membership of ICoRSA. The ICoRSA represents research staff internationally, including researchers within Research Staff Associations and individual researchers who lack representation through an RSA, and aims to advocate for their common interests at a national and international level towards the goal of sustainable research careers. As ItalianRSA is already a member of ICoRSA, you will also be represented by ICoRSA on an international level when becoming a member of ItalianRSA.

Nurturing communities of Italian researchers

ItalianRSA supports the development of Italian HEI (High Education Institutes) researchers by:

  • facilitating communication between the ItalianRSA and ICoRSA
  • sharing of best practices of research careers
  • articulating and promoting best practice policies at the National and International level;
  • engaging with government bodies, funding agencies, professional Organizations and other relevant parties to advocate for improvements in policies affecting research staff;
  • participating to national, EU or International projects, such as projects on Gender Equality (GE) and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

ItalianRSA plays an important role in the Italian research enterprise by enhancing the productivity and experiences of Italian research staff, postdoctoral scholars, and early-career researchers, who together are the lifeblood of the Italian research enterprise.

Providing a voice for Italian research staff

Researchers are a highly mobile part of the Italian research enterprise. Policy concerning research careers in Italy is determined through a variety of policy stakeholders.

At present, there is no voice representing research staff in Italian policy determining research careers in Italy. The Italian Research Staff Association (ItalianRSA) will provide this collective voice, advocate on behalf of research staff, and inform policy stakeholders on best practice research policies, both national and international. The mission of ItalianRSA is to expand its network among existing Italian university researcher associations, as well as reach out to other national RSA’s (e.g. IrishRSA, UKRSA, CAPS, ANDES, UCCRSA, …) and the International Consortium of Research Staff Associations (ICoRSA), of which ItalianRSA is a member.